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“The XYZ Atlas: Mapping Belonging” invites citizens to be co-cartographers in the development of our participatory public art project and digital hedonic mapping platform.


XYZ Atlas asks where we feel a sense of belonging and maps the emotional experiences of the places that make us who we are. The project comprises a series of interactive public art activations in Austin and the development of a digital platform for national deployment. XYZ Atlas addresses community health, well-being, and urban planning, with diverse multi-generational outreach strategies – including to underserved unhoused, veteran, and ALAANA communities (African, Latinx, Asian, Arab, and Native American). Individual user privacy is encrypted to protect vulnerable populations and build trust so that we can share our most vulnerable and meaningful experiences. Once we can map where we are (X and Y axis) and how we are (Z axis), then we can choose our next steps. XYZ Atlas helps citizens navigate life’s complexities as both cartographers and travelers, mapping hot spots of community need, strengthening social ties, and empowering voices. 


Your life inspires my life and we belong here. What patterns are we stuck in? What histories are we running from? What will we run towards together?


XYZ Atlas
Mapping the emotional topography of a community

Mapping the emotional topography of a community

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